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{ An Industry Overdue for Disruption }

Today’s livestock industry contributes more carbon footprint than all transportation combined.  It is an extremely inefficient way to produce food in terms of water and land efficiency. Global deforestation can be directly linked to the livestock due to the need for land to grow crops to feed the livestock  It is also one of the main sources of land and water pollution. An estimated 1.29 billion metric tonnes of waste is produced by the Chinese pork industry per year.

Food revolution is happening, but one meat remains conspicuously overlooked. It also happens to be the most consumed meat in the world, according for nearly 40% of total meat production worldwide.

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That meat is called pork.

In Asia, particularly China, pork is by far the highest consumed meat.  In fact, 65% of meat consumed in China is pork.

The ratio of pork-to-beef consumption in 2016 ranges from 2.2:1 in Japan, 2.4:1 in Korea, 3.8:1 in Singapore, 6.8:1 in China/Hong Kong/Macau to a whopping 10.8:1 in Vietnam.

Right Treat is established with the mission to innovate food that will treat the planet right, treat animals right and treat ourselves right.  The first product under Right Treat is our revolutionary Omnimince – a game changer for Asia and the world.

According to David Yeung, a global environmental advocate and the founder of Green Monday, Green Common and now Right Treat: “The philosophy behind Right Treat is that we believe achieving long-term win-win-win among the planet, mankind and animals is possible.  There should be no trade-off between food enjoyment and personal well-being.  Consumption and enjoyment of this generation should not become liability and suffering of future generations and other beings.”


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